Unending Thanks

Thanks must be given to a huge number of people who helped us, not only with material for DL4 but also to survive long summer and winter days as the project seemed to grow and grow. Firstly, acknowledgement goes to both Blackrock College and St. Joseph of Cluny for providing our computer and internet facilities.   From these schools special thanks must be given to John Daly (Blackrock College), Joanna Dullaghan (St. Joseph of Cluny), Fr. Cormac O’Brolcháin (Principal, Blackrock College) and Mary White (Principal, St. Joseph of Cluny) who put up with our nagging problems and complaints through thick and thin.  On the more technical side we would like to express our gratitude to (in no particular order):

·        Mr. Al Globus, Mr.Bryan Yager and everyone else at NASA AMES who makes this competition possible.

·        Amanda Harris and Dr. Herb Shivers of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre who helped us get access to papers that would otherwise have been beyond our reach,

·         Dr. Ian Elliott of Dunsink Observatory (Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies) who stayed interested throughout and was always willing to help,

·         Dr. Oliver Hainaut and Itta Frothkopf of the European Southern Observatory for facilitating our most bizarre publication requests.  Jorge Ianiszewski (European Southern Observatory) for putting us in contact with them,

·         Gerry Aylward (Blackrock College) for such instantaneous, unfaltering help,

·         Cynthia Ceillier (Blackrock College) for her unquestioning courier services,

·         Colm Mealy and Flor Madden (Blackrock College) for immediate advising voices,

·         Alan MacGinty (Blackrock College) for the generous use of his printer,

·         Bob Miranda of Cognizant Communications Corporation (Life Support and Biosphere Science) who went out of his way to help,

·         Milkirk Investors for planning regulation figures,

·         Vernon Harvey of Swales Aerospace (Beltsville, MD) for pointing us in the right direction,

·         Dr. Charles He and Dr. Henning Leidecker of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre for providing a depth of insight that we would have been unable to obtain otherwise,

·         Gerry O'Brien (and family) for putting up with multiple visits from Mark,

·         Jeffrey Butler of Hot Cell Services who was willing to assist five complete strangers 7,000 miles away,

·         Liz Venebles of the European Space Agency and Mercedes des Esteves Filho both of whom kept a constant interest even when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel,

·         The staff of ENFO (Department of Environment and Local Government, Ireland) especially Majella,

·         Sharon Devin for her interest and useful comments,

·         Cahill Printers, especially Eamonn Tynan, for their generous services,

·         All those who have organised or granted us permission to reproduce pictures: Kathy Rawson (NASA Microgravity News), Michelle Justesen (Kistler Aerospace Corporation), Marty Curry (NASA DFRC), Geoffrey V. Hughes (Rotary Rocket Company), Tom Kessler (Boeing), Mike Combs, Linda Hertz (Scientific American), Jim Frees (NASA MSFC), Peter Wainwright (Space Future) and John Mankins (NASA HRST Programme). [We regret not being able to contact the following people/organisations prior to printing - Alfred T. Kamajian, Thomas C. Moore, Space Access LLC and Peter Eckart (Life Support and Biospherics)].

Finally, to our parents and friends, who have not only put up with us for the duration of this project but for many years previously as well.  We are also thankful to an unending list of people who were kind enough to publish books, internet sites and papers about space settlements.  Our apologise to anyone who’s work goes unnamed in the following list but it has sometimes proven difficult when we depend so much on the anonymous powers of the internet (URL’s are provided wherever possible).  We hope our list of references (in no particular order) will help anyone attempting this competition in years to come.


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