Extra Bits Index

Here you'll find all the bits attached to the project that aren't directly part of the main text.

1. The Image Gallery
A collection of snap shots showing DL4 at its finest! These are all external views. All internal schematics can be found in the text of the project.


2. The Videos
CAD animations illustrating the construction and operation (and even destruction!) of the station.


3. About the authors
The title says it all. For those who really must know.


4. DL4 in the Press
(The Section that doesn't fit anywhere else)
DL4 got a surprising amount of media attention after our win. For those who are interested, there was this article in the Irish Times, and this radio interview (our section begins 3:05 into the recording) with R.T.E.
We've also been featured, of course, on the NASA Space Settlement design page. If you happen to speak Danish, there is also this article in a Danish lifestyle magazine which seems to be about our agriculture system. Unfortunately I can't tell you much more than that as it took me quite a while just to identify what language this was, let alone what it means.( If anyone can translate this, we'd love to see it.)

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