The Movies Page

As part of the project, we produced a number of 3D rendered animations illustrating the construction and operation of DL4. Most of these have been provided below.

The movies below have been provided in 2 versions - Original and Web.

Original Version The "original" version is the same as was distributed on the DL4 CD - Its a full quality, full screen 800x600,Windows .AVI file, with full quality sound. Basically, good quality but large file sizes.
For best effect , view them in full screen mode, with resolution set to 800x600.

Web Version The web version is a Quicktime movie. Its small, worse quality (although not really too noticeable), and with poorer or no audio, but the file size is much smaller.

What you'll need to view them: To view the "Original version" movies you'll need any player that can play back Windows .AVI files, such as Window Media Player, or Quicktime. If you're using Windows, it may also help to have the latest version of DirectX installed, although this shouldn't really be a problem. For the Web movies, you'll need Quicktime 4.

You can find a little bit about how we made the movies here.

All material may be used under Creative Commons CC BY license.

So, here they are:

1. The Construction Process
A long 3 minute animation showing the stages involved in constructing the station.
If you think the download is too big, you can watch it on Youtube or get an idea of the process in a slide-show type format here.
2: 48
62 MB
(Quality somewhat poor)
2. The Construction Process with commentary
Identical to the above, but with a commentary voice-over explaining what's going on.
2: 48
62 MB
but you can get the commentry standalone as an MP3 (2.2MB)
3. Spiral Orbit
A simple spiral shaped orbit of the station. Gives a good view from all sides. Available on YouTube.
12 secs
4. Long Zoom in
A straight approach to the station.
16 secs
5. View From the observation Window
An attempt to simulate the view out the stations space observation window. (We say attempt because it's not entirely accurate - the station is spinning 3 times too quickly, and the sun is missing!)
20 secs
6. Doom of Daedalus
The Deathstar destroys DL4 (We're serious!). Available on YouTube.
27 secs
7. The DL4 VRML Experience
If you have a VRML Plug-in (like the Cortona VRML client) you can fly around your own personal DL4 world! Just click to the right. (Moving is a little slow actually, but if you click the study button [Little circle in the top left], you can twirl the model around a bit. Clicking the left and right arrows in the centre bottom changes between some pre-set camera views.)
As long as your patience.