DaedalusaL4 is not a dream, it is simply a reality that has, as yet not been effectuated. Throughout the research for and writing of this project every effort has been made to ensure that all systems used in the construction and operation of the station are based on current technologies or reasonable extrapolations thereof. As such, all that is required to make a settlement such as DL4 a reality is enough political will and of course, financial backing. It seems clear that any station of the size of DL4 will need to be an international enterprise, both in terms of expertise and monetary support. A project such as this will clearly require an as yet unknown level of co-operation between different nations. Once today’s competing nations can put aside their differences long enough to begin such a venture, then it may well be that the birth of humanity’s first truly space-based community also marks the birth of a new era of co-operation between nations here on Earth. The time at which such political will and courage will be in evidence is as yet unknown, however it does not seem very likely in the near future, our date of 2020 being somewhat arbitrary.

Until such a time, as the world is again gripped with the ‘space fever’ that was seen in the 1960’s, then it would seem that it is up to a small number of visionaries to keep the dream alive. We feel that projects such as this space settlement design competition play an integral role in raising awareness among the young of the fantastic opportunities created by the development of the cosmos. On a personal note, the DL4 team would like to thank all those who made this competition possible and all those who helped us along the way. We have all thoroughly enjoyed working on the project, from the outset it has been an excellent learning experience. Thanks to DL4 we have not only grown in technical knowledge but also as people. It is the sincere hope of all the team that upon the construction of the first space settlement the human race will too, not only grow in technical knowledge but also morally.

Finally, as John F. Kennedy said, “We have the ability, the means and the capacity”.  Now all we need is the will.